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Work health and safety.

Good work health and safety practice  ensures that workers, participants and the public are safe.

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Smoking in the Workplace Policy

Because we recognise the hazards caused by exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, it shall be the policy of EK RECRUITMENT to provide a smoke-free environment for all workers, clients and visitors.


This policy covers the smoking of any tobacco products and applies to both workers and non-workers.



Employees, contractors, clients, agency personnel, students


Clients, carers, visitors


Any location where workers of EK RECRUITMENT work and includes company or client owned buildings and vehicles, worker or client vehicles when used for work purposes, clients’ home and community venues when used for work purposes.


No smoking of tobacco products will be allowed within any enclosed workplace at any time.
The decision to provide designated smoking areas outside of the building will be at the discretion of local management and clients’ local management.  Any designated smoking area must be at least 20 metres from the building.  In the case of a client’s home, contracts for services will include a provision that the client is not to smoke in the same room as the worker.
All materials used for smoking in this area including cigarettes butts and matches will be extinguished and disposed of in appropriate containers.  Supervisors will ensure periodic inspection and clean-up of the designated area.  If the area is not kept to a suitable standard the provision of the area may be revoked.

No smoking in any work vehicle

There will be no smoking in EK RECRUITMENT or client vehicles at any time.
Smoking must not occur in personal vehicles when transporting clients on behalf of EK RECRUITMENT by worker or client.


EK RECRUITMENT or their clients will not provide extra breaks for workers to smoke.


Workers will be advised of this policy through signs posted throughout the buildings/ sites and in vehicles and through the worker handbook and induction training program.
EK RECRUITMENT will assist any employees who want to quit smoking by helping them to access quit smoking programs and appropriate material.
Any violations of this policy will be handled through the standard disciplinary procedures.


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