EK Recruitment ensure that you are matched with talented professionals in the construction, maintenance and engineering sectors across Australia.
It is through focused and open communication that we determine what your needs are in order to pair you with your most perfect fit for your Permanent Placement needs in Sydney.

Maximising productivity, reducing risk and resulting with increased profits for our clients.

EK RECRUITMENT take the time to foster lasting relationships with our clients. Our philosophy is to carry out everything we do with honesty, integrity and open communication. Trust is paramount in this industry – between ourselves, our workforce and our clients.

Unlike the temporary nature of labour hire, permanent placements entail a long-lasting relationship between  the candidate and our client, which is why it is very important that the fit is right in more ways than one. Not only does the candidate have to exceed the qualifying criteria for the job, but must also be a fit for the work culture within that business. This is something we pay close attention to.

We work hard to find candidates that are not only the best fit for the job but are also the best fit for your business culture.

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