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Work health and safety.

Good work health and safety practice  ensures that workers, participants and the public are safe.

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Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control  Policy

This policy outlines EK Recruitment’s commitment to health and safety in the workplace. The purpose of this policy is to provide a systematic and objective approach to assessing work health and safety (WHS) hazards and associated risks.

This Policy establishes broad responsibilities at all levels of the organisation and applies to all EK Recruitment workers and worksites.

EK Recruitment will meet its legislative obligations to ensure the health and safety of all workers and other persons by complying with The Work Health and Safety Act 2011, Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 and How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks Code of Practice 2011 (NSW).

This policy sits within the context of The Work Health and Safety Act 2011, Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 and applicable Codes of Practice and Australian Standards and provides the foundation for organisational policies and procedures.

The Executive Leadership Team (Director, general manager and supervisors)

  • Gain an understanding of the hazards and risks associated with the work are and activities.
  • Ensure that the work place/sites and workers have and use appropriate resources and processes to eliminate and/or minimise risks to health and safety.
  • Provide assistance in maintaining risk documents, policies and procedures.
  • Consult with workers during all stages of the hazard management process.
  • Ensure consultation, cooperation and coordination occurs with principle contractors in regards to the management of hazards.
  • Ensure a mandatory risk assessment is undertaken for activities involving plant, hazardous chemicals and manual tasks.
  • Ensure a hazard is resolved within 48hours of receipt of completion of a Hazard form where a hazard cannot be resolved immediately.


A worker must:

  • Report all hazard and injury incidents to the site manager as possible and with a maximum of 24hrs of the event.
  • Participate in the development, implementation and review of policies and procedures for hazard identification, risk assessment and control of hazards and risks.
  • Attend meetings, training and information sessions regarding the management of any identified workplace hazards as required.
  • Comply with any reasonable instructions provided by the supervisor in relation to WHS.
  • Ensure appropriate PPE is worn.
  • Comply with the WHS legislative requirements in regards to the management of hazards and associated risks.


Identify the Hazard

Attending to a Job Safety Analysis Form, investigation of all accidents and incidents for the possibility of reoccurrence.

Assess the risk

Identify, consulting employees, the likelihood of harm as a result of a hazard as per the table below.

Implement risk controls

When a risk assessment identifies risk control measures are necessary, use the hierarchy of controls below to eliminate risk and where not possible to eliminate risk to reduce the risk as far as reasonably practicable. When a decision is made establish a timetable for the implementation of the control and allocate responsibility for the control of the risk.

Monitor and review

Verify control measures are working as planned, reassess and ensure compliance. Provide training where necessary including the purchasing of new equipment or change in work procedures.


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