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Work health and safety.

Good work health and safety practice  ensures that workers, participants and the public are safe.

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EK Recruitment is a recruitment company that is committed to the environment, with the aim of minimising and reducing the negative environmental impacts of workplace activities on the environment.
We strive for environmental sustainability and encourage continuous environmental performance improvement in all aspects of our work.

To ensure this we will:

Establish environmentally sustainable objectives and targets and Integrate environmental considerations into process planning and decision making to mitigate environmental risks.
Manage operations in compliance with applicable laws, legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice that minimise any adverse impact on the environment.
Maintain the efficient use and conservation of resources, minimise or prevent pollution minimise wastage in all aspects, including but not limited to water, energy and waste.
Commit to continuous environmental performance improvement including implementation of environmental policies and procedures.
Communicate current environmental issues with relevant bodies and initiatives to minimise or prevent impact on the environment.
Take active measures to identify and protect areas of conservation & heritage value which may be impacted through site/project work activities.
Provide appropriate education and awareness to workers for an understanding of this policy and their responsibilities in maintaining environmental sustainability.


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EK Recruitment - Sydney Labour Hire and Recruitment Specialists